TAB Property Enhancement

Trace Baum with TAB Property Enhancement was referred to me by my friend Carly Stockburger, of Reviz Studios, who was doing property photography of TAB’s recent work. Trace wanted to update and redesign his brochure with these new photos, and loved my work.

I redesigned this brochure from only photos of the old brochure, and handled the project 100% remotely. The brochure is a 12-page 9″x9″ booklet. I used some existing features and copy, and added some new sections based on the subject matter of the updated photography. I also went to work copy editing, altering some of the existing wording and writing new material.

During the design process, I was able to reorganize the information being presented in the brochure, making for a smooth-flowing showcase front front to back. Lastly, I worked with Trace Baum to get the brochure layout finalized taking into account his usage of it as a visual sales tool that he can go over with potential clients.

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