This project started as a conversion from a static website to a responsive website built in a CMS. Early on, it was clear that the project would end up be more time-consuming and resource-intensive than was necessary, and Escalys was looking at a complete redesign after 6-12 months, so we both arrived at the conclusion that starting from scratch would be the best avenue.

This opened the scope of the project up quite a bit, but in reality let me knock one out of the park for them creatively. Starting fresh also inspired Escalys to think outside of the box they were in with the current website’s content and direction.I have also designed reports, whitepapers, leave-behind materials, and other similar items for Escalys.

“Michael’s depth and breadth of knowledge not only of site design but of the intricacies of social constructs made his skills perfectly suited to work with Escalys. We were so happy to have such a high quality product from such a high quality individual.”
Rick Stockburger – Vice President – Collaboration, Escalys

“Michael has been a pleasure to work with. He has a strong technology skill base but also the sense of how IT fits into the full functional requirement of getting people and process to work in a true social environment. We view Michael as an integral part of Escalys and its successes”
Tony Kuhel – Managing Director, Escalys

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