About Me

I take pride in everything I do, and have a genuine passion for providing my best work every single time. When you make me a part of your team, you don’t just get my technical experience, or my work ethic…you get all of ME.


I’m an avid musician, playing multiple instruments since childhood. I’ve played in bands, orchestras, and compose my own music. I’ve always got a musical project or band in the works, and I LOVE to perform live. I also spend some of my free time building custom furniture and woodworking projects for myself and friends.


I have worked in factories, stocked warehouses, worked salesfloors, delivered pizzas, managed restaurants, mowed lawns, and parked cars. I’ve been around the block a time or two. But what does this mean to you? I know what makes business run smoothly. I know what makes people tick. I bring all of my experience to the table in every job I do. Nothing is too small to matter. Nothing is big enough to overwhelm me.


I strive to teach and inspire everyone around me to be their best, and I bring that passion into every situation I’m in. I care about the work I perform, and I care about what happens with those around me, and this fully extends to your business. I’m not just some working stiff looking for a paycheck, and I’m in this alongside you for the long haul.